Salesforce is a powerful CRM that will help you keep tabs on nearly all aspects of your company's sales and customer contacts. Salesforce can also provide insights into your analytics that will help your teams in understanding customer needs and keeping your customers happier. Today, nearly 60 percent of all companies have integrated or plan to integrate Salesforce clouds. With Salesforce you can do so much for your employees, for your organization. You can almost control/create everything with Salesforce's highly customizable interface. In this series of Salesforce updates month, TechStorm will share a few basic tips and tricks for beginners to get you started. Moving forward we will be covering more and if you want to know more please get in touch with us at

  1. Start Creating List Views: List Views are Salesforce’s way of managing different sets of data within Objects. If “Recently Viewed” “My Open Leads” or “My Cases” mean anything to you, these are your list views. You can also create your own List Views! Just click and experiment your way through to best manage your records and your day.
  2. Use Reports to Analyse Metrics: This is my favourite section Salesforce. The amount of data can be viewed in reports tab is amazing. And I am sure that any Salesforce user reading this has seen a report or two and might have also experimented in creating one! Reports aren’t just for Admins to generate; they are in fact extremely easy to create and you can gain amazing insights from them.

    Your manager or admin will have probably set up some Reports & Dashboards for you that shows you some key KPI’s and statistics (If not then ask them to!), but for any insights you want to gain from your own records, just create a report. It can be viewed just for yourself or can share across the various teams. Some examples are

    • Where do my biggest deals come from? (Lead Source)
    • How long does it take me to close a deal?
    • What industry are most of my accounts in?
    • What is my team’s or company’s performance Q or YoY?
  3. Use Chatter to Collaborate:Chatter is a social collaboration tool that let’s your business, customers and partners all collaborate.

    The first and most immediate way you can use Chatter is on records in Salesforce. Chatter will most likely be available on every record in your Salesforce Org. Here you can upload files, images, write comments, “@” your manager, your subject matter expert, or a sales engineer to ask them for help. When you and your organisation gets into the habit of using chatter, collaboration on records becomes a hell of a lot easier, and it stays on the record forever.

    The second way to use Chatter is through Groups. Groups can be created internally in your Salesforce instance, or externally (Meaning you can invite your customers for free!). You can create groups for a particular product to ask for help, a particularly large account that many are collaborating on, or even an external group for you and your customers to have a workspace! Chat your way through – through Chatter!

  4. The Fundamentals – Tasks, Activities & Emails

    The most basic core functionality of Salesforce system:

    • a) Tasks: Allow you to create an action for yourself to follow up with. You can set a date, a reminder, and a brief description. Bonus, you can even set tasks for others!
    • b)Activities: Let you log interactions that have happened with your customer, record important meeting notes, or brief comments about why you interacted with that client
    • c) Emails: Allow you to send emails out to clients directly from Salesforce. You can do this from within the comfort of Salesforce, taking advantage of time saving features like Email Templates.

The above can be managed on ADMIN level or basic Salesforce user level.

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GDPR is here

The General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) is a comprehensive European privacy law that takes effect on May 25, 2018. GDPR is a new age data protection law that not only affects European businesses but all organizations handling the personal data of EU citizens. It updates existing laws to strengthen the protection of personal data in the lieu of massive data thefts frequently headlining global news. It expands the privacy rights granted to EU individuals, and it places many new obligations on organizations that market to, track or handle EU personal data, no matter where an organization is located. It replaces the patchwork of national data protection laws currently in place with a single set of rules, directly enforceable in each EU member state.

Key Changes

The GDPR provides more privacy rights to EU individuals and places significant obligations on organizations. Some of the key changes are:

  • Expanded rights for EU individuals: deletion, restriction, and portability of personal data
  • Compliance obligations: implement appropriate policies and security protocols
  • Data breach notification and security: additional security requirements on organizations
  • New requirements for profiling and monitoring: additional obligations on such organizations
  • Binding Corporate Rules (BCRs): legalize transfers of personal data
  • Enforcement: Heavy fines based on seriousness of the breach and damages incurred
  • One stop shop: central point of enforcement for organizations

Last but not the least, the GDPR does not require EU personal data to stay in the EU, nor does it place any new restrictions on transfers of personal data outside the EU.

Are you GDPR fit?

Did you a Get Buy in and Build your team to work on GDPR? Did you assess the Organization’s GDPR capabilities? Did you establish the controls and processes as laid down in the GDPR privacy law? Are you GDPR document Compliant? If you are not, under the GDPR, authorities can fine organizations up to the greater of €20 million or 4% of a company’s annual global revenue, based on the seriousness of the breach and damages incurred. GDPR is expected to set a new benchmark for consumer data rights by holding companies (of any size) more accountable.

Our Commitment to you

The GDPR is coming, TechStorm is here to help. We, at TechStorm, deliver only GDPR compliant CRM solutions. As your salesforce and Sage consultants, we are committed to our customers’ success, including compliance with the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR). Our team of strong and successful Salesforce and Sage consultants from diverse culture, background technical and domain expertise, have closely analyzed the requirements of the GDPR and looked into salesforce and sage documents to verify their compliance with the GDPR. We are dedicated to helping our customers in their efforts to comply with the GDPR through our robust privacy and security protections.

We look forward to working with our customers’ GDPR compliance efforts. For more information, we encourage our customers to contact us at -

Sage Live got bigger and better:

Importance of business management software for maintaining financial health of the company, will not be understood, unless you don’t use one. Sage Live is now renamed as Sage Business Cloud Financials, which caters to companies with bigger dreams. It is not just another solution with "different pack, same theory" concept, but it has come up with some striking additional features.

Getting Started with Sage Business Cloud Financials

Financial results and numbers might keep you up, even in the night. Sage Business Cloud Financials puts you in a peaceful mind-state, by offering everything you need for managing accounting, payroll, payments and people. It makes the tool selection process easier, it gives away all features in a single package that your business needs now and in the future.

Sage Business Cloud Financials: What is it?

As Stephen Kelly, CEO of Sage mentions Sage Business Cloud Financials is new transformative wave of business software, which is aimed at bringing productivity into businesses of all shapes, and sizes.

Sage Business Cloud Financials is a business management solution that grows along with your business, which syndicates intelligence, scalability, support and user comfort.

  • It connects sales, banking, payments and gives a 360° view of business
  • It gives immense control and options for customization
  • It gives insights about company, in a brand-new way, with reports and dashboards
  • It automates admin tasks and increases productivity
  • It is deployed on cloud, and is integrated with Salesforce CRM
  • It offers number of business applications, which can be used along-side

Beyond Sage Business Cloud: Integration

Sage Business Cloud Financials is the first real-time solution, built on Salesforce CRM. There can be gaps in anything and everything, and a tool might not cater to all needs of a business, but it can merge with other applications like Kimble, Xactly, Fairsail, etc, using Sage’s API.

TechStorm partnership with Sage

Sage is the market leader for integrated accounting, payroll and payment system, supporting ambitions of world’s entrepreneurs. TechStorm is a certified Sage-Live partner, which works alongside Sage, and aims at giving back to community by using new accounting software, aimed at Non-profit organizations.

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What is Marketing Automation?

In its most basic form, a Marketing Automation platform is an application that you can use to communicate with your customers and prospects through a huge variety of channels. It monitors how your customers and prospects interact with your organisation, from the web pages they visit, to the emails they open and the videos they watch. There are many marketing automation software’s available in the market today. According to the source, organizations are expected to spend over 32 billion U.S. dollars on marketing automation software in 2018. Thanks to products from companies like Hubspot, Marketo and Act-On Software, Pardot marketers now have the ability to create highly effective digital marketing programs that were unthinkable just a few years ago.

What is Pardot?

Pardot is a SaaS based on-demand marketing automation solution that helps business to business sales and marketing teams. It is built on top of #1 CRM system – Salesforce.

If you want to review your marketing efforts , Pardot is your tool. Pardot as a technology will enable you to do things that were not possible prior to implementation.

Solutions offered by Pardot:

Pardot changes every marketer’s day today life, by giving tools that will help in generating smarter leads and managing them, doing result-oriented e-mail marketing, executing drip campaigns and getting insights from reports.

Pardot has B2B marketing automation as its core, and on top of that, B2B Marketing Analytics, Salesforce Engage and Einstein Account based marketing, an AI based tool are offered.

#1 B2B Marketing lead automation – highlights:

Pardot is an interactive, easy-to-use marketing tool that enables marketers to create, deploy and manage the digital campaigns for a business to business (B2B) company and to sync with sales team.

  • Streamlined Lead Management :Pardot enables the team to reach out prospects faster, and smarter. It aids a marketer all the way from lead capturing, nurturing them by sending out relevant content that is tweaked to audience’s interests and qualifying them.
  • Smarter Lead generation : Pardot helps in building valuable marketing assets like landing pages, smart forms, etc, with which we can capture more leads. It also has numerous connectors, with which we can connect to social media and organic, paid search tools to generate more leads.
  • Effortless E-mail marketing :Pardot’s E-mail builder helps to build professional, personalized emails. The process can be automated, scheduled, which saves time. Integrated reporting and testing capabilities are present which comes handy to any marketing team.
  • Seamless Sales Alignment : Pardot connects with Salesforce CRM, it helps in converting all marketing efforts to sales. Pardot makes selling process more effective, by giving real time alerts, revealing customer’s activities and giving game changing insights.
  • Insightful ROI Reporting: Pardot has a rich set of standard reports, which throws light on campaign performance, sales funnel, email marketing performance, and reports on connected tools like Google AdWords.
#2 B2B Marketing Analytics

This solution of Pardot, maximizes sales and marketing ROI by giving customizable dashboards. Mobile application is available, with which data can be viewed on the go, also insights can be shared at any point of time, with anyone.

#3 Salesforce engage

Sales team can be enabled to sell smarter with Pardot’s real time alerts, reports, campaigns. Mobile application, integration with Gmail and outlook from Pardot enable them to reach out to prospects much faster.

#4 Einstein Account Based Marketing

Pardot resolves the issue of selecting the right prospects to target at, with the help of Artificial Intelligence. Einstein helps in identifying the right prospects, suggests how to increase engagement and convert them.

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Now you can Track, Engage and Notify with visitors at your locations with MOWGLI Mobile tourism APP. A perfect TEN on TEN solution for communicating directly with the people who visit a tourist attraction

MOWGLI’s extensive features help deliver a virtual tourist guide experience, with multi-lingual and interactive content. Mowgli has been installed on a pilot basis in Ardgillan Castle, Balbriggan. Mowgli helps in knowing Your Visitors!

For your Tourist Attraction with Mowgli now you can:

  • Increase engagement rates
  • Provide indoor navigation
  • Generate revenue and data
  • Offer customized promotions
  • Provide up-to-date information

To know more about Ardgillan Castle go to

To download MOWGLI

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Fingal Dublin Chamber organises the Awards each year to create awareness of and highlight business excellence across all business sectors, private, public and charity. Entry to the Awards is free and is open to all businesses/organisations, both small and large whether in the retail, manufacturing, services or tourism/hospitality sectors. The Awards appeal to the business men and women who feel that they are working smarter than their competitors to create a business edge by promoting excellence in the quality of their products, services and customer care. Winning one of these Awards will raise a company’s profile, enhance their reputation and help to attract new business. The Fingal Dublin Business Excellence & CSR Awards provide an important opportunity for the business community to come together in a spirit of vibrancy and optimism and to promote themselves and their staff by entering the various award categories. The Awards Ceremony will showcase the best enterprises and recognise and reward business initiative in every sector.

The winners will be announced at the prestigious black-tie Gala Awards Presentation Evening sponsored by Fingal County Council and hosted by RTE’s Marty Whelan on Friday, 10th November 2017 in the award winning Crowne Plaza Dublin Airport Hotel in Santry.

TechStorm Consulting Ltd., is extremely proud to announce WE are the FINALISTS for Best #Startup New Business Excellence #Award 2017 @FingalChamber #Salesforce! Experts in digital services!

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Imagining a scenario where account management does not exist? Then the first question pops up is what will happen to financial health of the company if there was no account management in place. There are lot of account management products in the market in today’s world for example: Clearbooks, GoDaddy Bookkeeping, FreshBooks; but there is one thing that has caught attention of millions: What happens if the account management is clubbed with a cloud platform. Not any cloud platform but the leading market cloud platform: Salesforce. Yes, That is SageLive!

What is SageLive?

In May 2015: Sage announced its global strategic partnership with Salesforce which resulted in the product called: SageLive. Sage Live is an innovative product in the financial systems world that removes the barriers between the front and back office. Built on the Salesforce platform allowing for one version of the truth from sales and financial data in real-time. This complete business and accounting application on the Salesforce App Cloud TM enables users to benefit from a mobile, scalable, global solution so that you can efficiently manage your business.

Who is it for?

Sage Live is a perfect solution for businesses that need integrated access and have multiple data sets. It offers a much-needed entrance into cloud computing, helping SMBs with a single unified source. It can be used by any of the following but not limited to

  • Salesforce users
  • Services industry
  • Fast-growing organizations
  • 1 – 200 employee companies
  • Multi-office businesses
  • Companies that are outgrowing QuickBooks Online or Xero
  • Global organizations that require multi-language and/or multi-currency

What is Salesforce? And Why Salesforce? - a cloud computing company is a web-based software as a service provider, best known for its CRM (Customer Relationship Management) product. It is designed simply to help the organisations to manage all interactions with its customers and the prospects. When used efficiently, it can contribute a major role in the growth and success of the organisation.

Sage Live is built on this platform, giving users access to thousands of third-party apps through integrations and APIs in real-time. The user interface (UI) and integration with Salesforce data is the greatest strength of SageLive. When looking at which fields pull and push data with Salesforce, it is really easier to look at which ones don’t rather than all those that do.

What SageLive does for you?

Benefits of SageLive

Sage Live is the world’s first real-time accounting solution built on Salesforce platform. Sage Live is fully cloud-based, so you get all of these immediate benefits to your business. With Sage Live you and your team are always connected to what’s happening across your business.

  • A single view of your business

    Access all of your key data in one place. Natively integrated with your Salesforce Sales Cloud. Get a 360º of your business.

  • Real-time decision making

    Receive live newsfeeds and notifications. Drill down to the level of information you need. No data syncing needed.

  • Multi-dimensional General Ledger

    Track your financial performance the way you want from multiple perspectives such as territory, team, project…

  • New way of working

    Share and receive business information with your team from any device. Send or receive spend request using approval posts.

  • Personalize to suit your business

    Customize reports and scoreboards to track key performance indicators and define workflows that fit to your organization.

  • Global accounting

    Benefit a multilingual solution that meets your country’s requirements. Create a consolidated view of your global business.

About SageLive Foundation and TechStorm Partnership

At TechStorm, we believe, that as an organization, it’s necessary to give back to a community that has given us so much. This is why we’re so happy to work alongside Sage, who launched their new accountancy software that is specifically designed for non-profit organizations. Sage offers free licenses to qualifying charities, allowing them access to Sage Live Non-Profit, a program built out of the Salesforce App Cloud, which also was launched in 2016.

Sage Foundation follows a unique 2+2+2 model that helps build a better future in our local communities by delivering opportunity and a sustainable future. Through this, Sage Foundation donates 2 percent of employee time each year (5 volunteer days), 2 percent of free cash flow in grants and 2 donated user licenses to eligible partners. Sage Foundation aims to transform lives by creating sustainable, social, economic and entrepreneurial opportunities for local communities — helping more people reach their fullest potential.

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Enterprise Mobility - Emerging Trends -09th May 2017 / by TechStorm Marketing

While Consumer apps are already so popular and progressively efficient, the workforce has also began shifting towards mobility. Implementing Enterprise Mobility is now the key component of the digital strategy in any business plan. Organizations are embracing Enterprise Mobility in order to stay ahead in the industry. In this digital transformation world, employees are mobile savvy than ever before.

Why Enterprise Mobility?

Managers can quickly see the real-time data/results on their phone and take decisions without having to wait until they get to office.

Implementing Enterprise Mobility solutions allows to collect data from your employees in a very efficient manner. As we know, data is always a very important and significant part of any business model.

All the data is saved on cloud and it is super flexible to access this data, making it more convenient for the employees to access these data on their fingertips and work from anywhere and anytime.

It provides super connectivity within the employees working remotely around the world, providing productivity and leading to growth of the organisations.

Real-time communication between mobile devices and the workflow management is now possible all because of mobility solutions, reducing the delay in task execution which are pending for approval or review.

How TechStorm can help you with Enterprise Mobility Solution?

Enterprises are adopting technologies at a very rapid pace, empowering the employees and providing opportunities to allow them to work in any location. TechStorm is a business with deep expertise in all aspects of mobile, not just development. Our dedicated, in-house professionals ensure to workout with the challenges that many organisations face in adopting Enterprise Mobility:

TechStorm has worked with many businesses and delivered a high-quality Enterprise Mobility solutions to them.

We understand your business needs and can deliver you with the most flexible solutions to meet your requirements.

Security being the biggest concern around Enterprise Mobility for any business, TechStorm promises to implement results with complete harness regarding this concern.

Cost is another cause for concern for many organisations. TechStorm provides you services at a very competitive price, accommodating all your business needs today, and in near future.

So what are you waiting for? Make you first move with Enterprise Mobility Solutions TODAY! TechStorm will be with you in every step throughout the transition. “Become the game changer for corporates and retain your young talents by giving them freedom in their work environment.”

TechStorm’s New Tourism Product Launch:

Most museums / monuments in any country want to attract as many visitors/tourists as possible and provide personalized experiences to their visitors at a lower cost. TechStorm’s launches: A Product called: Mowgli App: the purpose of the project is to create an Indoor Navigational Trail creation system which uses BLE Beacons to create indoor maps and also intuitive collections rendering on end user smartphones. The app also uses PUSH notifications to both detect user proximity to a particular exhibit/ display to trigger information on that item or for the monument to send announcements to the users.

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Salesforce for Charities and Non-profits -27th March 2017 / by TechStorm Marketing

What is - a cloud computing company is a web-based software as a service provider, best known for its CRM (Customer Relationship Management) product. It is designed simply to help the organisations to manage all interactions with its customers and the prospects; When used efficiently, it can contribute a major role in the growth and success of the organisation.

What is for Non-profits? And why they need it? for Non-profits is the set of end-to-end solutions that helps your organisation become a connected non-profit. Built for the social and mobile era, for Non-profits will connect your entire non-profit– your partners, supporters, employees, and programs. It enables you to deliver:

  • Better programs and services
  • Engage and strengthen your community
  • Communicate more effectively
  • Raise more resources

As a non-profit, the first question arises is, “Why would we need a "sales" database and a customer relationship management software solution?” The answer is very simple: CRM software, such as, and integrated technologies can help a non-profit not just run their organization more quickly and effectively, but also help them grow and sustain relationships. Many organizations in the non-profit sector do not have the funds to afford robust and expensive databases, let alone hire IT staff to manage the ongoing maintenance. One of the biggest concerns for a non-profit is in deciding when to migrate from their legacy system or excel based tracking. Some of these concerns also include:

This is why is becoming a popular option for non-profits due to its ability to adapt and scale to an organization’s evolving needs. With Salesforce installed in your non-profit; you can spend less time on computers managing your data and dedicate all your time in making the world a better place.

A Regular, for profit businesses can purchase different editions of, each with their own features and pricing, ranging from a basic contact manager to an Unlimited edition. If a non-profit receives donated licenses from the foundation, it receives 10 Enterprise licenses, completely free, in perpetuity. Additional licenses are discounted some 75-80%.

For-Profit Business paying for, Enterprise Edition Non-Profit Organisation receiving donated/discounted Enterprise Edition

Per user, annually

first 10 users free, additional users charged
Support and Features
Enterprise Features, Basic Support included with license Enterprise Features, Basic Support included with license
Can use Non-Profit Starter Pack?
Optional, freely available, though customisation unlikely to benefit most businesses Optional, freely available, and likely to benefit many organisations
What benefits Charities and Non-Profits can gain from

To keep it SIMPLE AND STRAIGHT: It’s the world’s leading CRM platform and now relied upon by many thousands of charity and non-profit organisations. TechStorm strongly believes that is way ahead of its competitors in every aspect. It’s fast to configure and has very attractive rates for charities and non-profits. Being ‘cloud-based’ gives you access to your data from anywhere, at any time.

How can TechStorm help you?

TechStorm Consulting is offering free healthcheck services for existing charity users and new customers. During the Healthcheck, we will review your business processes and provide recommendations on how your organization will see the benefits in revenue generation, leads nurturing (new members onboarding), campaigns for both outbound and inbounds TechStorm will help you:

  • Improve the visibility across the organization
  • Strengthen data integrity and accuracy
  • Increase sales effectiveness and accuracy

If you are new to, or still learning about the platform or want to know more get in touch with TechStorm. TechStorm Consulting has successfully implemented for hundreds of companies of all sizes and industries.

Check out our Services for Charities
Few benefits you gain from implementing the in your charity/non-profit

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What is enterprise mobility?

Enterprise mobility is all about flexibility of work habits where a greater number of employees work outside the office, using mobile devices, not only to check emails but also perform various business tasks through cloud services. With the rise of smartphones and tablets, the workforce is shifting towards social media and mobile applications, especially those connected with cloud computing and offering mobile collaboration features. The main focus is on creating a reasonable and well organised environment for the employees for higher productivity.

How Enterprise mobility adds value to your business?

Breaking traditional workplace boundaries, Enterprise Mobility now allows employees the flexibility to access enterprise data and systems, and ability to get the tasks done anytime, anywhere and on any device of their choice. This saves time and money, increasing the efficiency of the company.

It adds a great value to company also by increasing productivity, employee-responsiveness and speed of decision making. This benefits not only the company but also the customers and can be a factor in increase of customer satisfaction.

The process of data gathering and collaboration is simplified with the paperless forms that can be accessed by mobile devices. In the evolution of business technology, enterprise mobility also provides competitive advantage to the companies looking towards innovation.

While adopting Enterprise Mobility, it may seem daunting, mobile enterprise software solutions assist organizations in connecting entire teams quickly and easily. The best enterprise mobility software solutions enable enterprises to better manage and optimize business resources both inside and outside their organizations with seamless interactions.

TechStorm focuses on enabling clients to achieve breakthrough growth throughout rapidly changing mobile ecosystem. We deliver flexible & scalable mobility management solution to accommodate all your business needs.

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BI and Analytics: 3 Key Trends to look out for in 2017 -6th January 2017 / by Tony Smith

Over the last few years, new trends have emerged in how organisations use Business Intelligence and Analytics. According to Tony Smith, Chief Growth Officer of TechStorm ( : We increasingly use Data in both our personal and business lives to make key decisions. The landscape around BI and analtytics will continue to get more sophisticated in 2017. BI and Analytics was once an IT dominated field but no more. Here’s 3 Key Trends to look out for in 2017:

1.It’s All About Me: Data is no longer owned by IT. Business users demand access to data without having make laborious requests to get what they need. ‘‘Don’t show me someone else’s data unless I need it. Everything I access should be 100% relevant to my needs’’. Smart organisations will fulfill these demands.

2.Right Here, Right now: And I expect to be able to view all the data I want on any device, anywhere, anytime. Not just when I get back to the homestead

3.The Rise of the Robot: No longer the stuff of Sci-fi writers, AI is here and will change how we use data in an increasingly cognitive way. So, think Push instead of Pull, think the ability to have the Data analysed by your own personal Data Scientist, real-time

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TechStorm Consulting 16th December 2016: TechStorm's innovative web-based solution for the Travel and Tourism industry has been approved for a development grant by the Local Enterprise Office (LEO), Dublin, Ireland. The solution delivers meaningful, real-time content for visitors to Ireland across multiple locations

Kesava Gollapalli, Managing Director at TechStorm Consulting, says: 'The funding from LEO will be used to create a powerful, flexible and scalable solution which will add value to tourism development in Ireland and also enhance the retail experience of customers. This is the first step in this technology innovation, we will continue to develop the solution and in parallel take this to other markets globally. At TechStorm Consulting we specialise in driving Business Efficiency through Technology Innovation'


Kesava Gollapalli (Managing Director, TechStorm) receiving the grant, with:
- Oisín Geoghegan (Head of Enterprise),
- Paul Reid( Fingal Chief)
- Councillor Darragh Butler (Mayor, Fingal County Council)

About TechStorm:

TechStorm Consulting, headquartered in Dublin, specialises in transforming our Clients business objectives into cutting-edge, highly functional solutions

  • Salesforce
  • Business Intelligence and Analytics
  • Enterprise Mobility
  • Technology Consulting

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Founded in 1999, Salesforce is today the world’s leading Customer Success Platform and largest enterprise cloud ecosystem. It is best known for its CRM (Customer Relationship Management) products that streamline and automate business processes, providing insights and analysis of important client and sales data and ultimately enhancing customer experience. In our first year of operations, TechStorm has acquired Partner status at Salesforce. Our partnership status is a recognition of our company’s commitment and experience of our Salesforce consulting practice, across various verticals. This strategic move will allow us to tap into Salesforce's exclusive resources, enablement tools and training opportunities to leverage the competencies we have and improve your CRM adoption, and maximize your investment.

"We deliver customer relationship management (CRM) solutions and cloud consulting solutions to any business, big or small" says Tony Smith, Chief Growth Officer of TechStorm. "As a Registered and Certified Consulting Partner of, we are committed to helping you optimise the effectiveness of your business applications. TechStorm Consulting brings years of experience and best practices that help organisations develop and execute comprehensive cloud application strategies by shifting to the New IT and realise the potential of enterprise cloud computing"

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At TechStorm consulting, we are committed to collaborating with technology partners that help deliver more value to our customers. We work with established market leaders to provide a spectrum of technology solutions and comprehensive support services.

CRM's applications are great and they serve as an important part of many companies, however, they all share one common problem which is a lack of data. TechStorm would like to introduce one of our product offerings, Liid. Through Liid’s mobile application you can view your activities at any time and feel assured that your CRM is being updated with accurate and reliable data.

With a compelling price point and quick return of investment Liid provides you a leverage on your original investment in CRM. Liid offers a mobile application that is designed to log all your calls, emails, meetings instantaneously and directly to your Salesforce. We make your CRM needs very simple! TechStorm is an accredited Liid partner and can not only help you implement the Liid solution successfully but also ensure your CRM investment is fully optimised.

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