Aedon.Accounting is a game-changing financial management software that seamlessly integrates finance and CRM within the Salesforce platform. Founded on the principles of being fast, right, cheap, and easy, Aedon is designed to be quickly implemented, work right out of the box, be cost-effective to own, and be easy to customize to fit unique business needs. With its innovative approach, Aedon.Accounting is transforming how small and medium-sized businesses handle their finances, offering a solution that is both powerful and user-friendly.

Benefits of Aedon.Accounting:

Advanced Functionalities
Efficient Integration
Quick Implementation
Versatile Financial Features

TechStorm Consulting Ltd. is proud to partner with Aedon.Accounting, bringing this revolutionary financial management solution to Salesforce users. Our collaboration ensures that businesses of all sizes can benefit from a comprehensive accounting package that is efficient and easy to use.Embrace the efficiency and innovation of Aedon.Accounting with TechStorm Consulting Ltd.’s expertise. Contact us today to revolutionize your financial management system!


We are certified training partners who nurture and develop a healthy, vibrant partner community that is aligned and focused on winning together.


We provide end to end full scale implementation services on Aedon.Accounting to help address our clients’ financials and CRM requirements.


We support and provide services specific to data migration, integrations and customizations to address our clients gaps in quick & short timelines.


We provide a comprehensive business and technology advisory service that take our clients from strategy and roadmap to implementation and support.