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Now you can Track, Engage and Notify visitors at your locations with MOWGLI Mobile tourism APP.


MOWGLI’s extensive features help deliver a virtual tourist guide experience, with multi-lingual and interactive content. Mowgli has been installed on a pilot basis in Ardgillan Castle, Balbriggan. Mowgli helps in knowing Your Visitors!

Built using proximity-based Beacon Technology, Mowgli creates a Navigational Trail of indoor maps and also intuitive collections rendered on end user smartphones. A perfect TEN on TEN solution for communicating directly with the people who visit a tourist attraction

For your Tourist Attraction with Mowgli now you can:

  • Increase engagement rates
  • Provide indoor navigation
  • Generate revenue and data
  • Offer customized promotions
  • Provide up-to-date information

TechStorm Consulting Ltd with support from Fingal County Council has piloted the MOWGLI Mobile tourism APP in Ardgillan Castle
"TechStorm launched a new interpretive app using Bluetooth technology at Ardgillan Castle. The technology is versatile and very user friendly allowing for optimum visitor engagement. We were able to submit content in many different mediums, allowing for text, images, audio and video. The app looks fresh and appealing and is very user friendly for the visitor. This app allows us to provide an alternative mode of interaction for our visitor and gives us the opportunity to allow them to engage with the castle and the history on another level. We were exceptionally pleased with the finished product and found the service throughout the process of creating content to be excellent. We hope to build on this app and create more engaging content in the future for our visitors. I would recommend this app to anyone working in the tourism and heritage industry. It is appealing, engaging and will take your visitor offering to the next level. As the technology is Bluetooth enabled it means that it could be used in a multitude of sites both indoors and outdoors providing access and interpretation to areas that may have before seemed not feasible."

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